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Beaverton neck pain treatment

Most everyone experienced mild stiffness and pain in the neck on occasion. These problems often arise as the result of spinal misalignment that commonly occurs when the head is held in an awkward position when sleeping or working. Minor aches and pains that subside within a day or two usually are not a major cause for concern, but underlying problems may still remain, making it difficult to know when to seek treatment. If you are suffering from neck pain, contact your Beaverton chiropractor about solutions for neck pain treatment.

beaverton neck pain treatmentWhen Is Neck Pain Serious?

Your symptoms can tell you a lot about the severity of your neck pain and what could be causing it. Does your neck feel okay in the morning and start hurting later in the day? If so, the problem is probably fatigue, strain or muscular weakness. Are you experiencing pain when you wake up that gradually subsides as the day progresses? You may be suffering from arthritis.

For pain that gets work when you cough or sneeze, disc problems could be to blame, and if turning or lifting your head makes you feel dizzy or light headed, you likely have a serious neck problem.

Mild neck pain that clears up on its own within a day or two and doesn’t recur usually isn’t a cause for major concern. Severe or recurring pain or stiffness, however, often indicates a more serious problem, and you should seek treatment to avoid further damage.

Preventing Neck Pain

Preventing neck pain is easier than many people realize. To avoid neck pain…

  • Don’t sleep on your stomach. Doing so can stretch and twist your neck muscles.
  • Avoid sleeping on too many pillows.
  • Read or watch television while sitting upright rather than lying down to avoid neck and back strain.
  • Avoid carrying bags and purses with shoulder straps as the weight can cause nerve damage.
  • Don’t spend too much time with your neck bent downward looking at your computer, phone or tablet. If you need to spend a long time in this position, take frequent breaks and change positions as often as possible.

Beaverton Neck Pain Treatment

For patients suffering from neck pain in Beaverton, WellCore Health and Chiropractic chiropractic of Hillsboro offers relief. Your neck serves as the connection between your brain and the rest of your body, so taking care of this lifeline is crucial. When left untreated, even minor injuries can lead to serious damage. For effective Beaverton neck pain treatment, contact WellCore Health and Chiropractic today. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Anthony Marasco, call 503-648-6997 now.

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