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Chiropractic Services

At WellCore Health and Chiropractic, we are committed to provide our patients with comprehensive chiropractic services in Hillsboro. Our goal is to not only ease pain but to help our patients achieve greater overall wellness.

Not sure if chiropractic is right for you?

That’s okay! At WellCore Health and Chiropractic we strive to make our patients understand what Chiropractic treatment is and does before they ever lay down on the exam table. Trust and understanding are key in providing the best treatment possible. We will answer all your questions; ensure you feel comfortable and provide you with a detailed explanation of what benefits and techniques you can expect.


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What happens at a typical appointment?

First and foremost, our team of Chiropractor specialists won’t begin any treatments or adjustments until you feel comfortable and secure. Often appointments begin with the patient being encouraged to set their phone aside, close their eyes, breath and relax. The more relaxed a patient is the easier and faster if can be for the Doctor to determine where the muscle knots are and how bone alignment has been affected. This usually involves a few movements and poses for the patient to perform while the Doctor is examining them and any diagnostic studies they might have. This give the Doctor an idea of what is happening inside and how that matches up to the bone structures they see outside. Then, if you’re comfortable, the Doctor will adjust you. That’s the scary part, right? But what exactly is an adjustment?

What is an adjustment?

An adjustment is the term used by Chiropractic Providers which involves gently easing bones back into their correct positions. Have you ever had a knot in the back of your neck? A twinge in your low back? They can be extremely painful and can often occur as a result of bones getting pushed out of their proper alignment. Often a patient will experience almost immediate relief as the bones and muscles are put back in place. Yes, sometimes more forceful pressure must be used to adjust a Patient, but it’s not painful. Don’t believe me? Have you ever had a hard massage? A therapist might push or pull harder where an injury has occurred to get the underlying muscles to relax, ease tension and relieve pain. Adjustments are no different and take place in a matter of seconds, yes seconds! And you are already on your way to feeling better.

What Services and Treatments are offered?

Depending on your injury or condition your Chiropractor may prescribe any number of additional therapies to work in conjunction with your adjustment schedule. These therapies are designed to assist the Chiropractor’s adjustments through techniques and manipulations to re-train the bones and muscles to stay in their proper positions and support your long-term health and recovery. This most often take the form of a long and relaxing massage and who wouldn’t want that? It’s not often you will find more restful treatments that leave you feeling like you’ve had a weekend at the spa with a new spine to boot! Be sure to click on any of the below services and treatments to learn more!
We Are Here For You

At WellCore Health and Chiropractic, our goal is to not only ease pain but to help our patients achieve greater overall wellness.