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Many people who have been injured, such as in a motor vehicle accident, often worry more about their vehicle than their own health. Those who have been injured at work are often distracted by paperwork and all that goes along with that type of injury, putting off seeking care for their injury. Many people with minor aches and pains ignore them until they are unable to participate in the things they enjoy most in their life.


At Dr. Marasco’s Hillsboro chiropractic clinic, our team is not only focusing on the rehabilitation of acute injuries such as those related to automobile accidents and work injuries, but also on educating our patient’s in ways to avoid a minor ache turning into a major crisis. Dr. Anthony Marasco has spent the past eight years honing his skills assisting people in their journey back to health.



The experience and staff at this office have been amazing. I teach martial arts for a living, and had a back injury that felt almost crippling at times. With the treatments they have done, my back is responding well. I will will continue to go there for any other injury that may occur. If you need chiropractic work, don't hesitate to give them a call and set up your appointment. You will be happy you did.
Shawn C.
I have suffered from lower back pain for nearly ten years. My wife visited Dr. Marasco at WellCore Health and Chiropractic of Hillsboro and she was so impressed that she convinced me to go too. Dr. Marasco evaluated me and then made some adjustments and I immediately noticed the difference. After one more session and by following his stretching techniques that he and his staff instructed me to do, I am now completely pain free.
Steve W.
I was in an automobile accident 2 months ago and It was a turn for the worst in my life. I’m so grateful to have found out this place by mom who also goes here due to an accident. In just a matter of weeks they helped so much with repairing my neck, upper/lower back. Dr. Marasco has exceptional knowledge on how to realign/adjust and create the proper treatment plant to help restore wellness of my pain.

Nataly V.
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At WellCore Health and Chiropractic, our goal is to not only ease pain but to help our patients achieve greater overall wellness.