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Therapeutic Ultrasound

At WellCore Health and Chiropractic, our Hillsboro chiropractors have numerous methods for treating pain, and we often utilize multiple techniques to obtain the best possible outcome for our patients. When muscles are too tight around a joint and make effective manipulation impossible, we often use a technique known as therapeutic ultrasound. This technique can also be used on its own with excellent results.
Therapeutic ultrasound delivers a heating effect to the tissue deep below the skin. This heat causes increased blood circulation and relaxation of the muscles, often making it easier to manipulate the underlying joint. The use of an ultrasound is completely painless, and most patients report experiencing only a mild warming sensation.

We also use therapeutic ultrasound as a means of increasing the healing speed of a muscle, tendon or joint. This works in a couple different ways:
There are two specific benefits of ultrasound therapy that lead to decreased healing times. First, the heat produced by the ultrasound waves reduces inflammation and decreases healing time. Secondly, the ultrasound causes vibration in the tissue. This vibration stimulates the membranes of the cells, encouraging repairing effects of those sells.

Therapeutic ultrasound provides a sort of “micro massage” that helps to increase blood flow while reducing inflammation, stiffness, spasm and pain. It is a very viable treatment option for many patience, including those who have been in car accidents and those who suffer from chronic pain for other reasons.

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