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Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point pain is one of the most common problems affecting toe muscles in the human body. Because it can lead to widespread pain along with other symptoms like numbness and tingling, it is also one of the most troublesome. Trigger point massage is one of many types of massage Hillsboro WellCore Health and Chiropractic offers.


Trigger points are tight areas within muscle tissue that can cause pain in other areas of the body. For example, a trigger point located in the back could cause pain that is felt in the neck. Now acting like as a secondary trigger point, the neck could cause pain in the head.

What Is Trigger Point Massage?

Through trigger point massage, it is possible to alleviate the source of pain. This is done through cycles of isolated pressure and release. The massage therapist canvases the body and asks for feedback from the massage recipient to pinpoint the precise location of the trigger point. Because direct pressure must be applied to the trigger point during the massage, temporary discomfort is common. However, the long-term benefit of trigger point massage therapy outweighs the short-term pain associated with treatment.

Trigger Point Massage Benefits

Though the initial massage may be uncomfortable, a primary benefit of trigger point massage is that it can effectively deactivate sources of pain. Trigger point massage is a safe and effective method for treating pain in the back, neck, shoulder and other parts of the body.

What to Expect After Treatment

Sometimes trigger points can be treated in just one visit, but in many cases, multiple sessions are necessary. Once the trigger point has been effectively treated, it is important to keep yourself hydrated. When trigger points are broken down, toxins that have built up in the area are released into the blood stream. Staying well-hydrated ensures that the toxins will be thoroughly flushed from your body.


Are you suffering from painful trigger points? If so, let the professional Hillsboro massage therapists at WellCore Health and Chiropractic help. We offer safe and effective trigger point massage in Hillsboro, and we would love to help you get the pain relief you need. Give us a call today at 503-648-6997 or schedule an appointment online.

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