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Shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

At WellCore Health and Chiropractic of Hillsboro, one of the most common ailments we treat is shoulder pain. Pain in the shoulder affects a large segment of the population and can be caused by numerous underlying factors. In many cases, it stems from problems in the neck, and at WellCore Health and Chiropractic, Dr. Anthony Marasco will work tirelessly to determine the underlying cause of your pain rather than only treating your symptoms. Once we know exactly what is causing your shoulder pain, we can create a chiropractic treatment plan that will improve your comfort now while correcting the underlying issue to prevent future discomfort.

Causes of Shoulder PainHillsboro Shoulder Pain

Though there are numerous causes of shoulder pain, the most common include accidental injuries, bad posture, aging and overexertion. Shoulder pain may also occur as the result of physical or emotional stress or certain conditions, such as bulging or herniated discs.

In some instances, pinpointing the cause of shoulder pain is easy, especially when it occurs as result of an acute injury or immediately following intense physical activity. In other cases, in-depth examinations and testing may be necessary to determine the root of pain in the shoulder.

When to Seek Treatment

In many situations, shoulder pain is minor and resolves itself within a day or two, making further treatment unnecessary. If you are experiencing severe or recurring shoulder pain or pain that radiates to other parts of your body, you should schedule an appointment with your Hillsboro chiropractor immediately. We also advice seeking the help of a chiropractor for any shoulder pain that begins following a car accident.

At WellCore Health and Chiropractic, we are experienced when it comes to treating shoulder pain in Hillsboro. While some chiropractors may only provide short term relief to your symptoms, Dr. Marasco will work closely with you to determine the exact cause of your pain and recommend a course of treatment that will get you back to living your life as you did before the pain began.

During treatment we will provide you with detailed home case instructions and suggestions for lifestyle changes such as a Hillsboro massage, that could help ease your shoulder pain and prevent you from undoing the treatment you receive.

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At WellCore Health and Chiropractic, our goal is to not only ease pain but to help our patients achieve greater overall wellness.