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Knee pain

Knee Pain

As some of the most important and frequently used joints in your body, your knees take a lot of wear and tear, and they’re highly susceptible to injuries and disorders. The knees are responsible for carrying more weight than any other joint in the body, and even mild knee pain can be extremely frustrating and even debilitating.

At WellCore Health and Chiropractic, we help patients who are suffering from knee pain in Hillsboro and the surrounding areas.

Causes of Knee PainKnee Pain in Hillsboro

There are several potential causes of knee pain. Falls, overuse, twists and even sudden movement can all result in pain felt in the knee joint. Degenerative disorders, including gout, bursitis and tendonitis, are also common culprits.

When to Seek Treatment for Knee Pain

In many cases, minor knee pain resolves itself within a few days without the need for intervention. If, however you are suffering from severe pain in your knee or pain that does not go away in a couple days, having it examined is recommended. When left untreated, cases of on-going minor knee pain may develop into more serious problems or worsening pain. If you are feeling a constant ache in your knee or you are experiencing difficulty walking or decreased range of motion, contact WellCore Health and Chiropractic right away to schedule a consultation with Dr. Anthony Marasco.

Knee Pain Treatment in Hillsboro

At WellCore Health and Chiropractic, we provide safe and effective knee pain treatment in Hillsboro. Hillsboro chiropractic services have been proven effective for treating a number of pain-related problems in the knees. While other chiropractors are primarily concerned with managing pain, at WellCore Health and Chiropractic, Dr. Marasco will work with you to determine and correct the underlying cause of your symptoms to provide long-term relief rather than temporary pain management.

If you are suffering from knee pain, don’t wait any longer. Call WellCore Health and Chiropractic of Hillsboro today at 803-648-6997 to schedule a consultation with a top Hillsboro chiropractor.

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