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Benefits of Sports Massage for Football Players

Who doesn’t enjoy the changing of the Seasons? Back to school is everywhere and the changing of the leaves are a beautiful reminder of the holidays to come. But for most American’s, Fall means one thing. The start of Football season. From pee-wee sports to the NFL, players of all ages and skill levels are prone to injuries and when not treated properly, these injuries can lead to lifelong suffering. I’m sure most of us have heard Uncle Bob or Grandpa Bill complaining about this ache or that pain and the crux of it always seems to stem from some old football injury or at least that’s the way it was in my family.


At WellCore Health and Chiropractic we have seen firsthand how massage therapy is a remarkable technique for injury rehabilitation. It’s natural, completely safe and incredibly effective. Plus, it feels great too! Sports massage uses specially developed techniques to accelerate the healing process, help athletes recover faster and more fully while preventing re-injury and long-term complications.

But how do sports massages actually work?

A sports massage can improve the circulation of blood, which increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to and from your sore muscles. This allows necessary nutrients to get to your injured and sore areas faster.
Gentle Sports Massage uses slow stretching techniques to improve an athlete’s flexibility and range of motion. This results in increased power and performance both off and on the football field.
During intense workouts and exercises such as football games and practices, there is a build up of lactic and carbonic acid in the muscles. This leads to sore and stiff muscles which take longer to heal and can impact performance. With Sport Massage the increased circulation allows these toxins to be eliminated more quickly, resulting in decreased recovery time.
By using are experienced ind Sports Massage techniques the Massage Therapist are able to slowly stretch the connective tissues and prevent or break down toxin build up and adhesions. This promotes the secretion of fluids your body uses to repair tissues damage and promote faster recovery as well as preventing new injuries.
Few things promote deeper and more restful sleep than the healing power of massage. When we sleep our bodies use the time and decreased activity to focus on healing our bodies. When undergoing consistent Sports Massages, athletes report improved sleep quality and faster relaxation and recover from sports related injuries.

So this Thanksgiving as you sit around the table listening to your relatives complain about their aches and pains be sure to suggest a visit with our Hillsboro Sports Massage team! Who wouldn’t enjoy an hour-long therapeutic massage with scientifically backed health benefits? From pee-wee sports, to current athletes to the long-retired football player, all athletes can benefit from the healing power of massage. Why not consider massage gift certificates for the athlete in your life? It’s hard to find a better gift for those you care about than increased health and wellness. 


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