Benefits of Sports Massage for Football Players

sports massageFrom pee-wee to the pros, football is one of the most popular – and potentially dangerous – spots in the United States. Players of all skill levels and ages are prone to injuries, and when not properly treated, those injuries can lead to long-term problems.

Football players benefit greatly from sports massage. From preventing future pain to keeping you in the game, the benefits of sports massage are numerous. Here are just a few of the many ways football players can benefit from massage therapy.

Massage therapy is a remarkable technique for injury rehabilitation. It’s natural, completely safe and incredibly effective. Sports massage accelerates the healing process, helps athletes recover fully and prevents re-injury and long-term complications.

How exactly does it work? Read on to find out!

  • Boosts circulation. Getting a massage improves the circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients to and from and muscles, improving their overall health and allowing the body to rebuild itself.
  • Increases range of motion. Massage therapy improves your flexibility and range of motion. This results in increased power and performance on the football field.
  • Decreases recovery time following intense activity. During intense exercises, like football practice or a game, lactic and carbonic acid build up in the muscles. The improved circulation brought on by a massage allows these toxins to be eliminated more efficiently, resulting in decreased recovery time.
  • Heals and prevents injuries. When you get a massage, the stretches the connective tissue and prevents or breaks down adhesions. Massage therapy also promotes the secretion of fluids needed for tissue repair, such as nitrogen and sulfur.

Hillsboro Sports Massage

At Dr. Marasco’s Hillsboro chiropractic clinic, we are thrilled to offer Hillsboro sports massage for football players and other athletes of all ages. To learn more about how sports massage can improve your game or to schedule a consultation, please call 503-648-6997.