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Beaverton prenatal chiropractor

Beaverton Prenatal Chiropractor for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and painful times in a mother’s life. Because the health of the unborn baby is always the top concern, the options for pregnancy pain relief are limited, and many mothers believe that they have no real option than to suffer through the pain and discomfort. Many do not know or are unaware that finding a Beaverton prenatal chiropractor can help an expecting mother with finding relief.

Fortunately, there is an effective, drug-free means of pain relief that is safe for both the mother and the baby. Prenatal chiropractic treatment for pregnancy pain is highly effective and offers numerous benefits for both mother and child.

Commonly Experienced Pregnancy Pain

If you’re suffering from pregnancy back pain in Beaverton prenatal chiropractor treatment may provide the relief you need without the risks commonly associated with medications for pain relief. For most expectant mothers, some degree of pain develops within the second trimester. Most gain up to 35 pounds while pregnant, and their center of gravity shifts forward, putting a great deal of additional stress on the spine.

As the baby grows, the increasing weight also puts additional pressure on nerves located in the pelvis and back, and many women experience sciatica. In the third trimester, weight changes can lead to changes in posture that cause neck pain. Many new conditions can surface during pregnancy, and many are related to chiropractic common conditions that your local Beaverton chiropractor can help you with fixing.

Unfortunately, most pain relievers are not safe for pregnant women due to the risk of fetal harm. Because prenatal chiropractic care is natural, it is completely safe. Unlike medications that simply mask pain, prenatal chiropractic adjustments correct your alignment to provide long-lasting prenatal pain relief.

In addition to easing your pain, seeking Beaverton prenatal chiropractic care during pregnancy could also help ensure that your baby is in an optimal birthing position and make your labor faster and easier.

Beaverton Prenatal Chiropractor Treatment

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