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Back Pain

If you’re suffering from back pain, you’re definitely not alone. Millions of people experience lower back pain, making it one of the most common reasons for missed work. An astonishing 85% of Americans will face debilitating lower back pain at some point in their lives. Despite the various types and causes of back pain, there is always hope for relief.

Common Back Pain Causes

Understanding the common causes of back pain can help you identify your own symptoms and seek appropriate treatment. Some of the most frequent causes include:


  • Muscle Spasms: Muscle spasms can occur in any muscle but are particularly common in the lower back. These spasms often result from both new and old injuries and can range widely in severity.


  • Sprains and Strains: Overuse, repetitive motion, or accidents can lead to sprains and strains. These injuries may involve joint injuries and tearing of tendons or ligaments, often causing abnormal spine function.
  • Disc Injuries: Years of forceful spinal movements and sudden trauma can cause disc degeneration or rupture. However, with proper chiropractic care, many disc injuries can be treated non-surgically.
Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment in Hillsboro

At WellCore Health and Chiropractic, we focus on providing effective back pain treatment tailored to your specific needs. Chiropractic care can significantly ease pain and address the underlying issues causing your symptoms. Key to successful treatment is resting your back and adhering to your chiropractor’s home care instructions, which helps prevent further aggravation or undoing the progress made.

FAQs About Back Pain and Chiropractic Care

Q: How soon should I see a chiropractor for back pain?
A: If you are experiencing constant or recurring back pain, it’s important to see a chiropractor as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


Q: What should I expect during my first visit?
A: During your first visit, Dr. Anthony Marasco will conduct a thorough examination and discuss your symptoms and medical history to create a personalized treatment plan.


Q: Can chiropractic care help with chronic back pain?
A: Yes, chiropractic care can be very effective in managing chronic back pain by addressing its root causes.

Enhance Your Recovery with Massage Therapy

After your chiropractic sessions, consider enhancing your recovery with massage therapy. A professional massage in Hillsboro can further relieve back pain, complementing your chiropractic treatments and promoting overall well-being.

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Back pain can be a serious issue. If you are experiencing constant or recurring pain, it is crucial to visit a Hillsboro chiropractor promptly to prevent major damage. For reliable back pain relief in Hillsboro, trust Dr. Anthony Marasco at WellCore Health and Chiropractic. Contact us today at 503-648-6997 or schedule an appointment online to start your journey to a pain-free life.

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