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Sports injury treatment

Hillsboro Sports Injury Treatment

Chiropractic treatment for sports injuries can help diminish potential muscle damage in the future and improve joint health in the present. Injuries to the joint generally come along with biomechanical dysfunction. When you initially injure yourself, your muscles work to try and stabilize the joint to prevent additional injury. What this does is cause a decrease in motion, which can impact adjacent joints above and below the injury. Usually the position the join is at when it is injured is where it stays–and that is usually in the wrong position.

After you believe the injury has healed, biomechanical dysfunction remains. So a simple sprain from a couple of years ago can be the reason for the knee pain that came out of nowhere a few months after your sprain. Because the original injury was never treated properly and rehabbed, it is causing problems elsewhere in your body.

Hillsboro Sports Injury ServicesRarely does an sports injury or injured joint heal on its one. After a joint is injured, scar tissue and adhesions form in the fascia of the surround muscle. This is especially true of knee and ankle joint injuries. Picture your muscles as a bunch of ropes close together but all moving in different directions and always rubbing on one of another. Eventually the ropes will fray, causing even more fraying. It’s similar with your muscles and adhesions. It doesn’t take long for your sports injury to become one big mass of muscle fibers that are barely functional. To compound that problem, you still have a joint that is not aligned and causing potential issues elsewhere in the body.
A Hillsboro chiropractic treatment can realign the joint right after it is injured, enabling to function properly–and letting you enjoy the problems that an occur as the result of one joint never actually “healing.” Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, don’t be sidelined from sports injuries for any longer than you have to be. Contact your trusted Hillsboro chiropractor today!

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