3 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Child’s Posture

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3 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Child’s Posture

Child’s posture is a problem that has reached epidemic proportions. Spending hours slouching over a cell phone or handheld game and heavy backpacks are all to blame for the posture problems affecting our children.

While many parents mistakenly believe that poor posture isn’t a big deal, the long-term effects can be devastating. Poor posture could be setting your child up for a lifetime of aches and pains so it’s important to keep an eye on your child’s posture.

Prevent Spinal Curvature by Correcting Child’s Posture

In time, the body will begin to adapt to poor posture. This can result in the natural “S” curve of the spine changing shape. Known as subluxations, these misalignments of the vertebrae can lead to pain, constriction of the blood vessels and nerve restriction.

Child’s Posture Plays a Huge Role to Maintain Organ Function

The skeletal frame houses the internal organs. As the body begins to develop an unnatural shape due to poor posture, the organs are put under a considerable amount of stress. In time, this stress can lead to organ damage and prevent proper function.

Avoid Back and Neck Strain in Children

A child’s poor posture causes spinal misalignment which leads to excess muscle strain. When the back and neck muscles are strained, eventually the body begins to compensate. This can lead to a “trickle-down effect” throughout the rest of the body.

Pediatric Massage in Hillsboro

In addition to encouraging your child to practice good posture, seeing a massage therapist can help relive pain from the long-term effects of poor posture. Pediatric massage at WellCore Health and Chiropractic in Hillsboro is extremely safe, and countless parents in the Hillsboro, Oregon area have trusted Dr. Anthony Marasco for the chiropractic services their children need. To learn more about child’s posture prevention or aid or to schedule a consultation, please call WellCore Health and Chiropractic of Hillsboro today at 503-648-6997.